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Comprehensive | Holistic | Individualized Care

Virginia Sports Medicine is dedicated to provide you with best Musculoskeletal care 

Our doctors are Board Certified and Fellowship trained to provide you with the best care possible. Additional rigor of the Sports Medicine Fellowship enables our doctors to provide specialized care to athletes and non-athletes alike. We adequately assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of sports related injuries. We work with patients to develop treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. So, whether you’re suffering from sports related injury or need consultation to begin an activity regiment, please contact us.


VSMD specializes in identifying, treating, and preventing injuries to help you achieve optimal health and performance goals through a non-surgical approach, using evidence based medical practice and sport specific rehabilitation.


We offer non-surgical procedures and treatments such as injections and manual manipulation to help your body heal. Many injuries do not require surgery. Our goal at VSMD is to provide you the options to get better as soon as possible. We are up to date on current research and best practices to get you back to your activity and life. 


At VSMD, we promote healthy lifestyles through disease prevention, treating chronic and acute conditions, and educating and counseling patients. Our physician strongly believes the body has the ability to heal itself. Sometimes, medicine and intervention is needed to help aid this process. VSMD uses regenerative medicine to help jumpstart the healing process. 


We utilize ultrasound guided technology allowing for both diagnostic accuracy and precision of needle placement to maximize healing potential and pain relief. At VSMD, we are specialty trained in musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging.