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General Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

About 90% of sports and other injuries require a non-surgical alternative. Sports medicine doctors provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams or active individuals who seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A sports medicine doctor has additional specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. They are well suited to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams or active individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sports medicine doctors specialize in non-surgical sports medicine and general orthopedics. They may serve as team physicians at the youth level, for NCAA teams, professional teams, as well as Olympics.

General orthopedics is a specialty dealing with the musculoskeletal system. These specialists are medical experts with extensive training in the treatment of disorders and injuries that affect a patient’s joints, bones, or soft tissues, such as cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. General orthopedists evaluate, treat, and manage patients who are suffering from degenerative diseases like arthritis. They also work with people who have fractures or other injuries. General orthopedists can manage musculoskeletal issues either non-surgically, surgically, or both. Sports medicine doctors practice as a non-operative general orthopedist. 

VSMD Approach

At VSMD, we utilize medical, physical and rehabilitative methods as well as non-operative procedures to provide care for the musculoskeletal system. Our doctors treat a variety of orthopedic conditions involving joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. We treat each patient as an individual and prescribe a treatment plan tailored for each patient. Even though our name includes “Sports” medicine, our doctors treat musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for all lifestyles and ages. Managing athletes and sports injuries adds rigor to the training process for our doctors that benefits all individuals.

Our approach to diagnosing and treating orthopedic and sport related conditions include:  

In-office evaluation to include a comprehensive history and physical exam


Evaluation of the specific injury and it’s accompanying systems


Advanced imaging of the injury or condition


Individualized treatment plan to include procedures


Monitored recovery through follow-up visits


Individualized “Return-to-Play” plan

General Orthopedics

Virginia Orthopedic in Fairfax

Sports Medicine

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General Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Choose VSMD

Our doctors are board certified to care for your pain and injuries related to sports or active lifestyle


We provide safe and effective alternatives to surgery to relieve pain and heal injuries


We utilize advanced imaging techniques, such as on-site ultrasound, to aid in diagnosis and in precision for procedures


Our goal is to address the root cause of a condition rather than treat the symptoms


We want to help reduce the risk of injury by strengthening and tightening weak areas around joints


We offer Regenerative Medicine to jumpstart self-healing by triggering production of healthy tissue  


Types of Treatments

Pain and Injury Consultation


Splinting, Casting, & Bracing


Draining Bursa and Joint Swelling


Corticosteriod Injections


Viscosupplement Joint Injections




Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


Nerve Block and Hydodissection


Consussion Care & Management 


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging


Conditions Treated

Joint Pain


Sprains & Strains


Fractures & Dislocations




Muscle Injuries


Tendon Injuries


Ligament Tears and Injuries






Back pain and injuries




Nerve Pain and Injuries


General Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

At VSMD, our doctors are board certified in a primary medicine specialty and have undergone extensive, additional fellowship training in sports medicine and general orthopedics. The additional training is verified by a second board certification. The comprehensive sports medicine fellowship training includes clinical training, field training, research development, and ultrasound training.   

Clinical training is a combination of general orthopedics and sports medicine. Coupled together, these two fields certify the physician as an expert in musculoskeletal medicine.


Field training involves managing various teams from youth and high school levels, intercollegiate teams, and even professional teams. This training also entails providing sports medicine services for events such as running and cycling races, various sports tournaments, and even Special Olympics.


Research development is when the physician designs and conducts research relevant to their interests in the sports medicine field. The physician may evaluate a specific therapy or analyze risk factors for various injuries.


Rigorous ultrasound training is applied throughout the fellowship period. This training requires advanced knowledge of anatomy of the musculoskeletal system. Ultrasound is used both diagnostically and therapeutically in the clinic and on field. 


Sports medicine physicians and orthopedists are both specialists in musculoskeletal medicine. A sports medicine physician is specialized in the non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Orthopedic surgeons are additionally trained in the operative treatment of these conditions. In the US, approximately 90% of all sports injuries are non-surgical. The sports medicine physician manages non-operative treatment, guides appropriate referrals to physical and occupational therapies, and if necessary, expedites referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

Though it sounds like a sports medicine physician only sees competitive athletes, this is certainly not true. With their primary training in medicine, sports medicine physicians are ideally suited to provide comprehensive medical care for non-athlete as well. They are excellent resources for the individual who wishes to become active or begin an exercise program. For the “weekend warrior” or “industrial athlete” who experiences an injury, the same expertise used for the competitive athlete can be applied to return the individual as quickly as possible to their activity. For any musculoskeletal concern, from a medical condition’s impact on daily life to wear and tear on joints, a sports medicine physician has expertise to manage the full spectrum.

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Virginia Ortho & Sports Medicine Doctors are specialty trained to diagnose and treat orthopedic and sports related conditions.