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Telemedicine Online Visit

Our Telemedicine Online Visit allows our patients to connect with the physician from the comfort of their homes. We offer convenient appointments to fit your busy schedules. Based on your electronic device, we use various apps to help you quickly connect to our specialists.

Virginia Sports Medicine Doctors offers telemedicine visits for our patients to consult, ask questions, and discuss plan of care with our specialist. From follow-up appointments to everyday consultations, patients can consult their doctor entirely online and from the comfort of home by using video conferencing via computer webcam or mobile device.

How Telemedicine Works

Below are the steps we recommend to initiate the Telemedicine visit. Our goal is to accommodate your schedule and see you as soon as possible.

 1. Contact us at 703-646-1270 or use the “Make Appointment” form to request a Telemedicine visit


2. Our team will determine if a Telemedicine visit is right option for your pain, injury or issue that you’re experiencing


3. Based on your electronic device, we will help you choose the best method for Telemedicine


4. We will schedule a convenient time and send you link to a Telemedicine app, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or another platform

telemedicine online visit

To Schedule a Telemedicine Online Visit, call 703-646-1270.

The VSMD team is ready to help you schedule a Telemedicine visit. We understand that our patients have busy lives and may need to see a physician right away. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and see you as soon as possible. For some pain, injuries, or issues, we may require you to come to our office so the doctor can conduct a physical examination and thoroughly evaluate the concerning area. Our team will help in making that determination. We request you to call us or contact us through our website to initiate the Telemedicine visit. We look forward to helping you get back to what you love.

Talk to a Doctor From The Comfort of Your Home


Virginia Sports Medicine Doctors are specialty trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent pain and injury for JOINTS, MUSCLES, TENDONS, and other MUSCULOSKELETAL areas.